Buildings & Grounds Ministry

The Buildings & Grounds Ministry consists of:

  • Keeping the entire campus cleaned and beautified
  • Uplifting the sanctuary every week for Sunday services
  • Set-ups and Tear-downs for different events that may occur
  • Projects and clean-ups throughout the campus as needed
  • Volunteers to help keep our church uplifted
  • Motivated people to help structure teams or groups, when work needs to be done around the Church

For more info or to volunteer, Contact the Buildings & Grounds Ministry



Communications Ministry

For info or to volunteer, Contact the Communications Ministry



Fort Faith Ministry

 For info or to volunteer, Contact the Fort Faith Ministry



Grow Hour Ministry

The Grow Hour Ministry administers Grow Hour, which is a safe space where members and visitors can come together and have conversation based upon the Word of God, thus growing in their relationship with Christ and with one another.

For more info or to volunteer, Contact the Grow Hour Ministry



Health Ministry

The Health Ministry began in 2016.  Our volunteers include nurses, an MSN exercise science professional, a veteran exercise member, a chef, and a health helper.

  • We host Blood Pressure Sunday every 3rd Sunday after service, where anyone can come and ask questions about their medications, get a blood pressure checked or a blood sugar taken, or get a referral in a medical need.
  • We had our first health fair in September 2016.  The second health fair will be the Saturday during our 2017 Anniversary picnic.
  • Health Sunday will be September 24, 2017.  Activities for the day are currently being planned.
  • We have Nutrition Matters every 5th Sunday with the children in Fort Faith. We are learning about foods from A-Z.
  • We are in the process of setting up emergency health management, details upcoming.

We are looking for health ambassadors, who can help on Blood Pressure Sunday, or at a fair, handing out water, giving out health information, or generally helping with health affairs at Citadel. Also looking for people who love to cook.  Additionally, we have a need for a bi-monthly flyer maker and a scheduler.

For more info or to volunteer, Contact the Health Ministry



Hospitality Ministry

Are you looking for a ministry to join?
Do you love people, do you have the spirit of help?
Do you think you would enjoy being a greeter or usher?
Well, you can be blessed by joining... the Hospitality Ministry!

We do at least one event from each of the following categories throughout the year: Outreach, Hangout, & Fellowship.

  • Outreach – is when we go out and serve with other organizations (such as COTS, Gleaners, etc.).
  • Hangout – is when we intentionally make time for one another by going out to places (like Bowling, Paint with a twist, Flea Markets, BibleWalk, etc.)
  • Fellowship – is when we come together and meet and break bread (through Potlucks, Restaurants, Prayer breakfasts, etc.).

This not only builds and grows relationship among us, it also creates a safe space for us to share and care for one another in ways that we wouldn’t be able to if we had not engaged outside of the four walls of Citadel.

For more info or to volunteer, Contact the Hospitality Ministry



Music Ministry

For info or to volunteer, Contact the Music Ministry



New Members Ministry

The New Members Ministry conducts a class for those who not only want to make Citadel of Faith their church home, but for those who want to become a full, active member of this local body of Christ. 

We offer 6 weeks of classes that will tell you about our church history, what we believe to be the word of God, and who we are as part of the community.
We learn that service is a form of worship unto the Lord, and that being the church of Christ does not only happen within the 4 walls of a building.
We learn that God has given each of us, as believers, certain spiritual gifts that He intends us to use for our unique purpose in life.

Check us out as we, together, grow deeper and wider in Christ.  
For more info or to volunteer, Contact the New Members Ministry



Prayer Ministry

The Citadel Prayer Ministry was established on April 3, 2018. Its mission is to establish a place where God's presence and power resides. Citadel of Faith has established a common culture of prayer that is a powerful force uniting church, community and nation. Citadel of Faith is a place where prayer and intercession are practiced with honor, integrity and Godly principles according to Isaiah 56:7, "Even them I will bring to My holy mountain, And make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices Will be accepted on My altar; For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

  • We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. During this time we pray for Sunday Service, the Praise and Worship team, the Security team, the Children's Ministry, the Hospitality team, the Leadership team & the Congregation.
  • We meet every Monday at 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. During this time we pray for:

Pastor Carey & Family
Church Leaders
Church Ministries
Church Congregation & Prayer Requests (from the prayer request box)
State Officials
Local Officials
Law Enforcement
First Responders

  • We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. During this time we pray for:

Pastor Carey & Family
Church Leaders
Church Ministries
Church Congregation -Prayer Requests
State Officials
Local Officials
Law Enforcement
First Responders
Special Prayer requests from those participating in Wednesday night Bible study

All are welcome to join us as we touch and agree God's will to be done in our church, community and nation. However, we are asking those who have the desire and call to pray to Contact the Prayer Ministry for more information. 



Production Ministry

The Production Ministry oversees the creative teams and Sunday worship experience at Citadel. We leverage creative storytelling (drama, dance, spoken word) and multi-sensory experiences to help people better understand and experience Christ’s love. If you have a passion for the arts, technology, and helping others engage God in deeper ways, contact the Production Ministry to get involved.

Roles on the Team:

On Stage

    • Actor/Actress
    • Poet
    • Dancer
    • Extras

 Behind the Scenes

    • Writer
    • Creative Direction
    • Prop Master
    • Stage Hand
    • Camera Operator
    • Lighting
    • Film Editing
    • Choreography
    • Visual Design
    • Administrative Support



Security Ministry

For info or to volunteer, Contact the Security Ministry



Technology Ministry

For info or to volunteer, Contact the Technology Ministry



Youth Ministry

Chosen OnesThe Chosen Ones: Citadel of Faith’s Youth Ministry strives to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences for our middle and high school students to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus; while exploring ideas, values, and faith within the context of a supportive community of peers and adults. We focus on the same values that Citadel of Faith is founded on, but with the aim of developing Youth Leaders in our community.

  • Know (Christ and His People),
  • Grow (in both Biblical knowledge and everyday life application), and
  • Show (our community and the world the love and power of Christ through our Youth’s leadership)

Youth Bible Study: 
Youth Bible Study

For more info or to volunteer, Contact the Youth Ministry